Erika Sato was born in 1988 in Yokohama, Japan. She started playing violin at the age of 4 with Masako Tada. She studied at Kunitachi College of Music Primary School, Junior High School and High School. She graduated from Royal Academy of Music in London and got the Bachelor's degree from London University. She is currently a member and the soloist of Yokohama Chamber Orchestra and Tanner Chamber Ensemble.


In 2005, she took part in Amati Music Festival and she was invited to play for Honor Player Concert at New York Steinway Hall, organized by Amati Music Festival. In 2006, She participated Bowdoin Music Festival and performed at The Artist of Tomorrow Concert. In 2007, She played Mozart violin concerto No.5 as a soloist with Kunitachi College of Music High school Orchestra. In 2009, she played in Elton John Concert with Royal Academy of Music Orchestra at Royal Albert Hall and she also played in many orchestras which were conducted by famous musicians, including Sir Simon Rattle, Sir Colin Davis, Christian Thielemann and Trevor Pinnock. In 2011 March, She played at "A charity concert for Japan" with Taro Hakase. And she won several prizes in music competitions in Japan and UK. She was awarded J.P.Guivier Prize 2012 from J.P.Guivier UK.


She specializes not only in Modern Violin but also Baroque Violin with Nicolette Moonen.

She has got teaching diploma for teaching violin from University College of London and Royal Academy of Music in 2011.







2005年ニューヨークAmati Music Festivalに参加し、オーディションによりHonor Playerとして選出されスタンウェイホールにてモーツァルトのバイオリン協奏曲5番を演奏する。2006年アメリカ・メイン州Bowdoin Music Festivalへ参加し、Artist of Tomorrow Concertにソロ出演。ルイス・カプラン氏のマスタークラス受講。同年ソリストとして国立音楽大学付属高等学校オーケストラとモーツァルトのバイオリン協奏曲第5番を演奏。国立音楽大学附属高等学校バイオリン科首席卒業。

2007年、英国王立音楽院コンサートオーケストラの一員としてロイヤルアルバートホールにて行われたエルトン・ジョン氏のコンサートに出演。その他にもサイモン・ラトル氏、コリン・デイビス氏、クリスティアン・ティーレマン氏、トレヴァー・ピノック氏などを含む数々の著名な指揮者のオーケストラで演奏。2011年、2012年カドガンホールにて行われたチャリティーコンサート”Pray for Japan”に出演、アカデミーストリングアンサンブル一員として葉加瀬太郎氏と共演。イギリス、日本国内の音楽コンクールで多数受賞。イギリスJ.P.Guivier社より2012年度J.P.Guivier賞受賞。